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Clue Tracker Privacy Policy

Contact Information

Our web site on the Internet is located at

Our physical mailing address is:

Pearl Crescent, LLC
447 Marlpool Drive
Saline, MI 48176

You may contact us by email at
You may contact us by telephone at +1 (734) 944-2856.

Correcting Your Information

If you need to make corrections to information you have provided to us or if you believe we have not followed this policy, please contact us via email at  We will promptly correct any errors.

Data Collection

Each time you open Clue Tracker and when the app crashes, a small amount of information is sent to our website.  This information is used by us to improve the app and is only available to employees and agents of our company.  It could be made available to a law enforcement agency that presents a valid subpoena.

The analytics information collected may include:
  • The Clue Tracker app version.
  • Device type (e.g., iPhone X) and iOS / Android version.
  • Counts related to the lists of saved boxes you have created in the app.
  • Some information about your display option settings.
  • The IP address of your device at the time the data was sent.
  • The type of the first search that you do, e.g., an Atlas Quest “Nearby” search.
  • Information that describes the reason for a crash and where in the app the crash occurred.

In addition, if you visit our website or send us feedback about the app, the terms of our website privacy policy apply.

This policy is subject to change without notice.
The current policy may be found at
If you believe we have not followed this policy, please contact us at

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