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Clue Tracker for Android is the newest letterboxing app for Android® phones and tablets.  Using the app, you can quickly and easily find Atlas Quest and LbNA boxes, view maps, record finds, save and organize itineraries of letterboxes and much more.
  • Letterboxers can access listings from both Atlas Quest and LbNA.
  • Find nearby letterboxes based on the current location of your Android® phone or tablet.
  • Search for boxes by location, box name, and box ID.
  • View detailed letterbox information including last found date, series details, and notes.
  • Show letterboxes on a map and get directions to a box.
  • Save clues and other letterbox information for offline use.
  • Organize saved letterboxes into your own lists and reorder boxes to create custom itineraries.
Android phone or tablet with 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or newer.
Available on Google Play Just $4.99 USD
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Clue Tracker is brought to you by Pearl Crescent.
Pearl Crescent and Clue Tracker are not affiliated with Atlas Quest or LbNA.

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